Digital water descaler

Digital Water Descaler 500 is a multifunctional latest generation electronic scale crusher. It is an indispensable device for anyone whose home water supply and heating system is burdened with problems caused by hard water - scale deposits in pipes, boilers, taps, and home appliances.

The effect of the WLux on the treated water is physical, without any chemical agents. By generating electromagnetic impulses of various frequencies, the device eliminates scale (CaCO3 + Fe2O3 + other insoluble substances) in water supply system, and prevents it from forming again. 

WLux is a universal model for apartments, private houses and companies.  We didn't deliberately make WLux less powerful than it can be, so we could offer a more powerful and more expensive models for larger pipe diameters. WLux has two power settings and three impulse settings, so it can easily be programmed individually to work on any pipe up to 32mm (1¼") in diameter and water flow of up to 4.4 m3/h.

WLux  is designed to be:

     - Powerful
- Small
  - Simple
        - Affordable
                           - Easy to use and install
           - Eco-friendly
          - Economical
                            - And last up to 20 years